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"I'm currently working with Disicplined Training on my weight loss journey. Without my Personal Trainer I would have given up at the first hurdle but he hasn't given up on me. This has pushed me to keep going to get where I need to be. I would highly recommend Disciplined Training to anybody thinking of booking in with them. Friendly, professional and will get you where you need to be!"

Hayley Jones

"After being in the gym for years my body had stopped responding to the training it was use to and I had started putting weight on around my waist. This is when I was told about Disciplined Training, after a quick chat with one of the Personal Trainers I knew he was very passionate about his job and knew what he was talking about. Now after two months of training with Mo I have lost over two stones, my waist is almost where I want it and I'm fitter than I have been in years. I have also built up core strength that I've never had which is exactly what I came to Mo wanting help with. Fantastic company, great service and a top bloke. Thanks Mo and Disciplined Training."                

Phill Wright

"I started training with a Mohammed from Disciplined Training in attempts to lose weight and get rid of  the stubborn fat around my stomach using various body weight exercises and incorporating some strength training. Since training with him my overall fitness has increased and have I managed to lose some weight. Each exercise is tailored to my personal goals and has equipped me with knowledge to use outside of training hours."                                           

Anita Etentuk

"I lost my fitness levels after an Achilles surgery and wanted support to loose weight and gain my fitness levels back. I have never looked back after signing up with Disciplined Training and Mohammed has put me back on track with simple and achievable objectives week on week. I am inspired, motivated and I look forward to my sessions each week."                                           

Gireesh Krishnan

Training with Mohammed has always been fun and motivating, at first I was always lazy to workout but with the help of Disciplined Training most especially Mohammed I feel fit and strong . My Personal Trainer is my motivation.                                     

Favour Ehuike

"Knowledgeable, patient and fun to work with. Results come quickly."                                       

Frank Warren Lea

"I started training with Disciplined Training to lose weight, tone up and get fitter and after a couple of sessions I started to notice the difference and noticing results. In the sessions you can see the passion for personal training and the trainer makes it a personal mission to help you reach your goals."                                     

Millat Ahmed

"When I started with Disciplined Training I had no confidence and felt worthless. I was 16 stones and within 3 months I lost 2 and a half stones and felt great. I am now a different person, loud and always happy. It wasn't easy but the trainer is very encouraging and motivating. Highest recommendations."                                  

Tumaini Mutani

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