At Disciplined Training, my personal fitness programmes are designed to achieve your own individual goals. That’s why I have developed a range of personal training packages to support your bespoke fitness journey and on a schedule that works for you. Below, you can find the prices of each package and learn what else is included when you choose Disciplined Training.




My personal training packages in Coventry range from 1 session per week to 3 sessions per week. Simply pick the package which works best for you and let’s get started!



1 session per week (4 sessions per month) - £120

£30 per session



2 sessions per week (8 sessions per month) - £220

£27.50 per session



3 sessions per week (12 sessions per month) - £300

£25 per session


My personal training sessions are, as they say on the tin, personal. As your Coventry personal trainer I will produce a unique training programme which will involve targeted fitness training in line with your goals as well as exercises to improve your overall fitness.


It Doesn’t End There...


At Disciplined Training, I believe in a holistic approach to personal training. That means looking at more than your personal training session. It involves building a winning attitude and making positive changes to your everyday life. All Coventry personal training packages will include the number of sessions mentioned and the following extras:

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Mindset, attitude and behavioural motivation
  • Exercise programming
  • Nutrition support
  • 24hr access to telephone support
  • Progress assessment & review

Whichever personal training package you decide upon, with Disciplined Training you will benefit from a support system like no other. Together we work to push harder and go further whilst maintaining a positive relationship with exercise and nutrition.


We work in transformations for life, not just a short-term fix, something that my clients love. Don’t just take my word for it, you can read our testimonials here.   


To learn more about my Coventry personal training sessions or to ask any questions that you may have, get in touch today. You can call 07746380268 or email

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